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At Wedgehead, we have curated pinball nirvana.
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The Wedgehead game room is a curation of 25 of the finest pinball machines from the 1960s thru the modern era. Each game is carefully selected for its “je ne sais quoi”, or indescribable value to the history of pinball. We strive to maintain and rotate a collection of games into our game room that are interesting, fun, and unique. We offer the greatest variety of pinball of anybody else in the Northwest. We have small flipper Wedgehead EM’s, rare Gottlieb Solid States, oddball foreign Sonics, classic fat flippered Ballys, System 11 groundbreakers, solid gold certified classic 90s DMDs, and the latest and greatest coming off the assembly line right now. 

If you know what all this jargon means, you are already a converted member of the pinhead tribe. If you don’t, have no fear, it simply means that it’s fun. There is something there for everybody, you will find something for your dad or grandpa to enjoy as well as your niece or nephew. We also update and offer a series about pinball history called the “Pinball Spotlight Series” for those guests more interested in the history of the pins we have in the game room. Those interested will find many fun facts about the making of the selected game, its design team, artist, some rules explanation, and some historical industry backdrop including innovations. 

Did you know… according to the IPDB (Internet Pinball Database), we have more than half of the top 10 player rated Solid State games? Well, we do. So there’s that…

If you happen to grab one of the top 3 high scores on a game be sure to let us know! If you rank on one of the early solid state or electromagnetic machines, snap a pic and we’ll be sure to add your name and score to the game’s details.

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