Attack From Mars


Wedgehead - Attack from Mars pinball game

Pinball Spotlight Series:

This is the highest rated pinball machine of all time according to the Pinside Top 100 list! It was originally released in 1995 by Bally/Williams. And it was the second game remanufactured by Chicago Gaming Company in 2017.
Attack from Mars (AFM) was designed by Brian Eddy who started on the software side of the industry back in 1990. He did the code for Pool Sharks, Black Rose, Indiana Jones, Bride of Pinbot and Funhouse before getting his chance at game design. His first game design, The Shadow, was released in 1994 and Brian had the INSANE task of filling both roles of designer and coder on this game. It was a flop of a movie license, but is highly regarded amongst pinheads for its underrated gameplay.
AFM was his 2nd game as lead designer and it’s a fast flowing, fan layout masterpiece. It features incredible theming and humor, and the interactive mothership and jiggling martians are unforgettable. The code was handled by the legendary Lyman Sheets (the G.O.A.T. in my humble opinion of pinball rule-setters and coders).
This was the game that made me fall in love with pinball. It was the first game that I learned how to play and advance through the game’s modes and objectives. It was the game that captured my attention and gave me my lifelong silverball addiction…  This game has all of the ingredients that combine into the perfect pinball alchemy that Bally/Williams nailed in their best tables. It has a great theme that’s well integrated with a fantastic light show and killer DMD animations, and very funny callouts. The toys are unique and interactive, and the layout is simple and fast flowing fun. It is easy to learn but hard to master. The rules make basic objectives obvious to the novice, whilst still allowing the salty pinball veteran advanced objectives to stave off boredom and burnout.
We have a special edition remake by Chicago Gaming Company that features a shaker motor, and a larger and colorized “DMD” LCD screen. It also has upgraded speakers and sound, but otherwise is an exact replica of the B/W original. Come and experience this enduring masterpiece of pinball design. It will make you salivate over the news of Brian Eddy’s long overdue return to the pinball industry with Stern this year. He is currently working on his first pinball machine since 1997’s Medieval Madness!