Wedgehead PDX - Funhouse pinball machine

Pinball Spotlight Series:

This is Funhouse from 1990. Designed by the genius Pat Lawlor and with art from John Youssi. It features tight shots, great sound design, and the most famous toy in Pinball history- Rudy, an annoying little smack talking dummy head on the playfield.
This is one of the last alphanumeric display games to be made before the switch to dot matrix displays by all pinball companies. New DMD’s as they were known, allowed more detailed animations to be incorporated into the scoring display. It is widely considered that DMD’s are what constitutes the “Modern Pinball Era”. In the real world, no categorization is ever that clean, and this game really muddies the water. It has all of the tenets of modern pins: ramps, modes, multiball, speech, and toys. It’s only missing the animated display.
The game centers around distracting Rudy by advancing the clock. Once it’s midnight, Rudy will fall asleep and you will get the opportunity to lock the last ball into his open sleeping mouth, waking him angrily into what is possibly the funniest and most memorable multiball starts in pinball history.
Rudy’s callouts really draw the player into the game, and Lawlor showcases his genius by allowing you to hit him in the mouth with the ball. He likes to give each player a nickname like Slick or Bucko in which to taunt you with during the game.
Ours has a fresh playfield, and came all the way from Ohio where Mama Rhodes went out in a snow storm to pick it up for our little Rhodesy. This game is a special one in our collection, come by and check it out for yourself soon!