Pinball Spotlight Series:

We have a cool early Solid State Bally here. 1980’s Mystic. Game was designed by George Christian who also designed one of the most famous and popular Bally games of all time, Eight Ball deluxe.
The spectacular art package was done by Kevin O’Connor. For what is supposedly just a magic themed pin, Kevin really made this game look really cool and evil. Love the main magician who is clearly possessed by the literal devil coyly whispering sweet nothings in his ear. You also get lots of pyramids and all seeing eyes. Cool Illuminati stuff and skeleton Pharaohs. This game came out back in pinball’s kind of wild west era, where themes and art were allowed to run wild.
Designers and artists were given an unbelievable amount of freedom given today’s standards where big budget licensed pins are the norm. Bally was the first of the major pinball manufacturers to go with the newly practical solid state electronics for all of their games, and the difference took them from last place to first in the industry in sales and popularity. This game came out in the middle of Bally pinball’s golden era (roughly 1979-1984).
The game features a tic tac toe like grid in the center of the playfield, and the main objective is to knock down corresponding drop targets from each bank to create lines of either pyramids or all seeing eyes. There are also star lanes to collect an extra ball and a captive ball to multiple your bonus countdown.
I can’t get enough of this overlooked gem. Some of the best cabinet art in pinball history too.