Bowling Queen


Wedgehead PDX - Bowling Queen pinball machine

Pinball Spotlight Series:

This is Gottlieb’s Bowling Queen from 1964. It’s a wedgehead, meaning it’s a single player Gottlieb game with the distinctive wedge shaped back box (and our namesake as well). It was designed by pinball legend Wayne Neyens, the man with more than 150 pinball designs to his credit. He was also an innovator and was responsible for the first implementation of gobble-holes and roto-targets in pinball as well as the function of add-a-ball (extra ball by today’s verbiage). He even designed the first four player pinball machine (all modern games are four player games if that gives you any inkling as to the impact he had).
Art was done by Roy Parker, the man who did all of the art for Gottlieb during this period. His art has a timeless quality and always depicted the subjects smiling and having fun. He did the art for over 220 pinball machines and his work defined what pinball artwork should be for generations to come.
Bowling Queen is another classic pinball theme that showed up quite a bit (that being bowling, obviously). Its most notable feature is the mechanical backbox animation that kicks wooden balls up into the backglass whenever a lit lane is rolled over in the game. Getting 9 lit lanes results in a replay. As with most wedgehead’s, hitting the standup targets is crucial because not only are they worth 50 points apiece, but they also light the corresponding pop bumpers and slings for 10 points apiece. During regular play they are only worth a measly 1 point! Meaning you could being doing a ton a work without getting paid. Work smarter, not harder!
Bowling Queen is a super fun and very manageable short flipper game to play, and it’ll really teach you the lost art of the nudge. It’s my favorite wedgehead in the building right now! Come get some!