Tropical Isle


Wedgehead PDX - Tropical Isle pinball machine

Pinball Spotlight Series:

Tropic Isle is a classic Wedgehead (our namesake) from the big dogs at Gottlieb from 1962. It was originally going to be called “Monkey Shines”, but Gottlieb nixed that monicer. The game was designed by the legendary Wayne Neyens, the man responsible for Gottlieb’s market dominance during pinball’s first golden era. It features some fantastic artwork from another legend of yesteryear, Roy Parker. Together these two made classic game after classic game.
When playing look for the animated monkeys climbing the palm tree. Getting each monkey all the way to the top of the tree awards a replay, and it carries over game to game. Come on down and watch your quarters quickly disappear, this game is vicious. Nudging is crucial here, but be careful…tilt ends game!