Alan's Support Fund

As some of you may know, two months ago I was hit by a car at 50mph from behind while riding my bicycle. I smashed her windshield and rolled over the top of her vehicle.  I suffered a shattered left wrist, fractured right thumb that separated from my hand, many stitches on my left arm and upper lip, a concussion, and plenty of additional roadrash. I had surgery on both hands, and was in two casts for 6 weeks with no use of either hand at all.  I am now out of both casts and have been going to physical therapy twice a week, slowly starting to gain bits of functionality.
As a small business owner, this pandemic has taken my ability to work in my business and pay myself a minimal salary.  I supplemented the first couple months of quarantine by running some new merch runs for all of you eager to support Wedgehead and myself indirectly in our darkest hour. For all the work I put into making them happen, and after paying for the shirts/stickers/pins/packing materials/shipping costs, dedicating myself almost full time to each new release, and delivering your orders myself, I was left with just enough to pay myself just under minimum wage for my efforts. And I was STOKED for it!  I felt lucky to have that, because as a small business owner I was considered ineligible for unemployment benefits and I was denied.  The one time stimulus check, and the two merch runs I did gave me just enough money to keep paying my mortgage, utilities, and food.
But now, 2 months after my accident and 2 1/2 months since my last income of any sort, I am flat broke, and staring at a $20k medical bill that I am desperately hoping will be covered and paid for from her auto insurance. That remains to be seen.  I feel uneasy ever asking directly for any help or donations, but I have had a few friends, regulars, and family members suggest that I start a gofundme.  I decided that I would instead offer a simple donation option through our webstore.  Plus, I know that there’s only so much wedgehead branded crap that any one person needs, and even offering new merch, some people may rather just donate some money instead to help me more directly.
Please know that I understand that there are a lot of people hurting, and a lot of WAY more important issues in the world than me, especially right now. I hope that nobody feels obligated in any way to help. These are trying times for many, not just myself. However, if you would like to donate any little bit at all, just know that it is greatly appreciated.
– Sincerely, Alan Robertson