aka: Pinball in the age of COVID

Frequently Asked Questions:

$12 for Unlimited Pinball.

No. Mask mandate for the state has been lifted, so Wedgehead is no longer requiring guests or staff to wear a mask.
However, at the vote of our staff, we will be requiring a proof of vaccination to enter. Please have a picture of it on your phone, or the physical card on you.
This isn’t meant to be a political statement. It’s simply what makes our staff feel the most comfortable at this time. 

All employees will be wearing masks, and social distancing will be enforced.  We have an industrial sterilization fogger gun, like the ones used in airports for planes. 

As plain as can be...

Wedgehead unlimited pinball for $12
Pinball at Wedgehead in the COVID-19 era
Wedgehead private reservable pods
Wedgehead - Portland Pinball arcade in the COVID-19 era