aka: Pinball in the age of COVID

How it works:

  1. Choose your pod and reserve it here. Note: 21 and over after 6pm
  2. Create a user account with payment info and book additional hours.
  3. Show up on time.
  4. Enjoy food, drinks, and unlimited pinball during your reservation.
  5. You’ll be given a 5 minute warning before your time is up. Once it is up, you gotta go so we can completely disinfect the pod for the next group.
  6. Book your next pod!
Fogging the pinball pods after use

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, our capacity is very limited due to covid restrictions, and this is the best way for us to serve as many people as possible, as safely as possible. Walk-ins will be possible if there happens to be an empty pod that was unreserved for the time period that you showed up. You will be able to rent the empty pod until the next reservation. But the only way to guarantee yourself a spot is to reserve one.

Yes, everybody needs to make an account so that you can input your credit card information.

Your card info is collected merely in the case of you cancelling last minute on your pod reservation. Since we are now reservation only, each space is very valuable, and due to some people flaking in the past, those spaces sat open when they could have and should have been filled with paying customers. This is to protect us in the case of you flaking on your reservation. We don’t use this card info for anything other reason. It will not be charged at all if you show up to your reservation as planned. 

Cancelling your reservation with more than 24 hours notice costs you nothing. Please let us know early if you cannot make your reservation, it is better for both of us. Cancelling your reservation within 24 hours of your scheduled reservation start time means that you will be charged 50% of the minimum associated with your reservation plus a 20% gratuity. This is to cover our loss of revenue. 

We decided to implement a more robust system to protect us from flaking reservations. Since we now collect card info for each person making a reservation, we no longer need to collect a deposit for each hour in a pod beforehand. No more deposits necessary!

There is a minimum assigned to each pod. This may be slightly more for bigger pods with more games, or for more in demand time slots on certain days. This isn’t a fee, it just means that you and your group must spend this minimum during your stay on food, drink, and or merch. Example: your selected pod minimum is $40. Everything you eat or drink will be put onto a group tab to be closed at the end of your visit. As long as you and your group spent at least $40, there is no fee whatsoever. If your group tab was under the minimum at $32, then $8 would be added to your bill as a reservation fee, bringing your final bill up to the $40 minimum. Your bill can be split over multiple cards, the minimum applies to the group total.

The best news is that the pinball machines in your pod are set on freeplay so that you will get to enjoy unlimited games of pinball during your visit. This effectively means that pinball is included for free with your reservation minimum.

Due to limited space and social distancing requirements, all available pods will come with pinball. However it’s up to you if you choose to play them or not. It doesn’t cost you any more money to have a pinball pod. Your group may still reserve a pod to simply eat and drink in.

Mask wearing is MANDATORY for every moment that you are standing or walking while in the building. When you are seated at your table you are able to remove your mask to eat and drink. This rule will be enforced, so if you refuse to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave and your card will be charged for the minimum. No exceptions.

We are limiting our capacity from 100 people down to 30, and placing groups into pods distanced at least 10ft from one another. Each pod gets sterilized between reservations with an industrial sterilization fogger gun, like the ones used in airports for planes. Each pod also has an individual air purifier rated for 320sq ft. per hour capacity featuring a carbon prefilter, true HEPA filter rated to capture up to 99.985% of airborne particles, an ionizer, and a UV light sanitizer to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. All employees will be wearing masks, and social distancing will be enforced.

The best option is to book two reservations back to back. If you know that you are going to want more than 50 minutes, then you should try and book a pod for back to back sessions. In the rare event that nobody has booked your pod after you, and you would like to stay longer,  you are welcome to keep your pod until the next reservation time.

No. Unfortunately, these times have to be rigid. Bumping you would create problems for all of the reservations after you. Make sure that you are on time. Your time starts at the time on your reservation, not the time that you show up.

No. Even if the other group allows you to, it is part of our covid protocol to keep each group separated and distanced. This is another measure to help limit exposure amongst guests and staff.

Each pod will have room for 1-6 people, your group number will be limited to the seating space available in that pod, so please choose accordingly during the reservation process.  

Yes you can cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hrs before your scheduled time/pod without a fee. Cancelations on the day of your reservation will incur a $25 fee. The fee is there to protect us from flaking reservations, and therefore being unable to fill that space leading to lost revenue.

Pinball at Wedgehead in the COVID-19 era
Wedgehead private reservable pods
Wedgehead - Portland Pinball arcade in the COVID-19 era