Special Events & Parties:

We are happy to hear that you want to host your event here at Wedgehead! We have different options for you based upon your group’s size and duration of stay.  Every group and event is different, so please contact us as soon as possible for accurate price quotes based on your details.

Smaller Groups:

Groups under 20 people have the option to reserve themselves a section of the seating area at no additional costs. This may be done no more than 30 minutes before the event starts and availability is subject to current business levels.  First come first served. This option works best for small parties, more flexible groups, and during non-busy hours. We cannot guarantee you your ideal choice of seating with this option.

Groups under 20 people may have us reserve the seating arrangement of their choice for a $100 reservation fee.  This will guarantee you access to the space of your choice for your group. Please note that we will not section of pieces of the pinball room. This is only for the dining room area.

Please note that both of these options mean that the bar will still be open to the public as during normal business hours. Food and drink service as well as pinball machine availability will be first come first served, just like at any other bar or restaurant or arcade if you choose these options.

Larger Groups:

Groups over 20 people may require us to close our doors to the public to accommodate your party’s needs adequately.  Each situation is different, and pricing varies based on time of day, duration of stay and day of the week for your scheduled event.

Buyouts must be a minimum of 3 hours.

Food & Drink:

All food will be served a la carte and cooked to order.  We are not equipped to be a catering kitchen, and we believe strongly in our ability to push out better food made to order for your group, rather than putting out platters of appetizers and snacks at the beginning of your event just to end up cold and soggy over the course of it.

All of your guests will be asked to place a food order alongside their drink orders at the bar.  This simulates a normal service day for us. It’s easier for us on our end, as well as for you on the planning committee.  As you will not have to gather pre-orders from everyone in the group including their dietary restrictions.

This will benefit your guests as well because they will:

  • Get to eat exactly what they want.
  • Eat it fresh and hot exactly when they want to.
  • Not have to meander through an awkward buffet line to eat.

Food and drinks will be placed on a group tab.  If we close our business to the public to host your event, we may require a minimum tab amount to be spent.  This is to ensure that we do not lose money in the event that your group chooses not to eat or drink as much as originally thought.  Remember, closing our doors to the public means turning away business on our end.

You will have the ability to set a maximum limit for the group tab that our staff will be trained not to exceed.  If/when the tab is close to exceeding your maximum cap, a bartender on staff will be trained to ask for your permission on whether to extend the limit, or to shut it down.  At that point, the people in your party will have the option to pay out of pocket for any further food or drinks themselves and you will no longer be financially liable.


We do not offer free play on our games.  This is because of the amount of time and effort that it takes to turn each game in the collection from coin operation to free play and then back again after your group leaves.

Instead we offer you the option of buying quarters from us in any denomination that you see fit.  These you may disperse as you wish amongst your party goers. We also have a change machine that yourself or your guests may use at their discretion.

Service Charge:

All buyouts will be subject to an 18% service gratuity charge added to the group tab.

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