Special Events & Parties:

We love hosting groups at Wedgehead, and our freeplay pinball room is the perfect activity for birthdays, graduations, weddings, business seminars, bachelor(ette) parties, or anything else you have in mind. Wedgehead wants to host your event, big or small!

Small Party Reservations:

For groups under 35 people, we offer FREE reservations of tables for your group (there may be a small refundable deposit, depending on the event/day of the week) Unlike many other options around town, we do not charge a fee for groups under 35 people. Just send us an email, and include the date, time, and approximate headcount, and we will put you on our event calendar. You’re welcome to bring a cake, balloons, or other party favors, we want you to have an absolute blast!

Send an email to: alanwedgehead@gmail.com for a free reservation.

Large Party Reservations:

For groups over 35 people, you will require a private buyout. This gives your group free run of the entire space, and we will close our doors to the public. This option is also available to smaller groups that want greater privacy.
Again, we don’t like to charge fees, but we do need to ensure that we will make enough money for us to close down to host your group instead.  So in lieu of a rental fee, large groups will be subject to a minimum.  Buyout minimums vary greatly, depending on the date and time requested. Weekdays and afternoons are cheaper than weekends and evenings.
“What exactly is a minimum?”
Quite simply, it means that you will be quoted a minimum based upon your group’s chosen date and time. This can be anywhere from $1200-$2200 typically. All of your group’s food, drinks, and pinball purchases throughout will count towards the minimum.  If at the end of your event, your group has met or exceeded the minimum, then all is good, and you will pay $0 in any sort of fees or extra charges. Your buyout cost would be FREE!  The only time that a fee would be assessed would be if your group’s total tab came in under the minimum at the end of the event, in which case, we would charge the difference as a buyout fee. Example: your minimum was $1600. At the end of your event, your group only ended up spending $1350. The difference of $250 would then be charged as a fee to meet the minimum.
For more information on a private buyout, send an email to: alanwedgehead@gmail.com.  Make sure to include your desired date, time, and number of people.  We will get back to you with a minimum quote quickly, and even have a breakdown by person average to help visualize how likely your group would be to meet your minimum (90% of groups meet their minimums easily).