Welcome to Wedgehead!

The premier pinball arcade in Portland. Serving bad-ass bar food, stiff drinks and cold beer. Home to 25 rotating pins from all eras.

Wedgehead PDX owners - Alan Robertson & Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes (left) the Pinball Baron of St. John's.
Alan Robertson (right) Kitchen Boss Man & Pinball Fiend.


Chris Rhodes is the self-proclaimed silver-ball sultan of Wedgehead, bringing in a few dozen of his favorite games to light up the unique game room. With well over a hundred games in his personal collection, Rhodes will be curating the best from the 1960s — today and keeping them playing slick and fast. He has been an operator in Portland for over a decade and an avid tournament player/organizer for at least two decades. He’s the pinball pusher-man. Just try to leave without a new and worsening habit.


Alan Robertson is the mastermind of the food program at Wedgehead. He’s a 16-year industry professional, with experience in all cuisines from fine dining to fast casual. His approach is to deliver inspired bar food, all scratch made in house. Food that you’ll find yourself craving. No trends here. Just the common — overly engineered to be uncommonly great. His previous stints in portland included Clyde Common and as the chef of Bunk Sandwiches.

What's so hard to understand? FAQs about Wedgehead:

I like pinball… BUT, do you have any video games?


But maybe you’ll consider some?


Not even _____?

Not even _____.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes you can! Minors are welcome until 6pm everyday.

But, like that’s really early.  Can’t it be until like 9pm?

We don’t make the rules here. The OLCC has given us the clearance to allow minors until 6pm.  Any further appeals should be sent their way.


Actually, that’s a lie. We have secured a deal with our neighbors across the street at The Banfield Hotel. All of our customers are allowed to park in their lot free of charge.

Umm, OK but, um, but doesn’t that like mean crossing the street using two crosswalks?

Cry me a river Timberlake.

What if I don’t have a car?

It’s even easier then, because we are right off of the #12 Bus line on Sandy Blvd, super close to the the #72 on 42nd and only 4 blocks from the MAX / Hollywood Transit Center.

Do you guys do events? Can I have my party at Wedgehead?

Yes.  Please check out out our events page for more information.

What’s wrong with the Ketchup?

It is made from curry tomatoes.  Be brave young grasshopper and you’ll be rewarded.

What is a “Wedgehead” ?

A Wedgehead is a guy that thinks he’s fly;

He’s also known as a busta;

Always talkin’ about what he wants;

And just sits on his broke ass.

Are you guys related to The Know?

In no way whatsoever.

Can I blame you for the demise of my favorite punk venue anyway?

If it makes you feel better.